It's been over a month since New York state order all "non-essential" businesses to close due to the coronavirus pandemic. Well, this NYC tailor has had enough.

"I decided that I did not want anyone to dictate to me and destroy the soul of my business, which is 43 years old," Eliot Rabin said while appearing on Tucker Carlson Wednesday night.

Rabin is the owner of the Peter Elliot Boutique, which is a high-end retail clothing store in New York City.

After applying for small business loans and hearing no response, he now feels it's time to protect the "soul" of his business, which is his employees.

"I opened with the idea that I want to protect my people, protect my country, and I'm not going to allow someone to dictate to me something," Rabin said.

"I haven't been in my shop for three weeks, we've been closed, we owe a lot of money to a lot of people. We've applied to every government agency you could possibly think of. We've got registration numbers and we heard nothing back."

Rabin said that businesses like his are the backbone of this country and he finds it "ludicrous" that places like "Shake Shack" and "cruise ships" are still operating.

"This country's backbone [is made] of businesses like mine all over our country. I don't find myself being brave," he told host Tucker Carlson. He continued, "I find myself being reasonable. I find myself having common sense. We're observing every single rule and regulation that's come down."

NYC Tailor Stands up to Unconstitutional Lockdown

It's great to see him stand up in what he believes in. He is observing every single rule and regulation. Why can't he conduct business if he obeys all rules and laws?

Kudos to this veteran for standing up for what he believes in. In his own words, he's not being brave, he's being reasonable.  This NYC tailor knows his rights and while he's being reasonable, he's also being a patriot.

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