In a viral video over Thanksgiving weekend, conservative comedian Steven Crowder exposed the Amazon "Alexa" for her far left biases. The left has claims the video Crowder made was a hoax. Since then there has been a response video where Crowder proves Alexa is a social justice warrior. He did so by proving raw footage of the responses between Crowder and Alexa which absolutely prove it was no hoax.

First, check out the original footage released by Crowder on Friday. This is the version that was edited.

In an interview with Daily Wire, Crowder said he was very surprised by the backlash in response to the video. It seems people may trust Alexa more than they should.

"Here’s the thing, I didn’t plan this," said Crowder. "I'd heard Alexa say some crazy stuff before, so we just asked her some questions and went with it."

Crowder claims that atheists were the most upset by the video. "What’s so funny is the atheists are the ones who are the most angry about. I mean, she said 'Jesus Christ is a fictional character,' which is exactly what they believe, so you’d think they’d be happy about it," he said.

"Whoever entertained these conspiracies owes an apology," Crowder said. "And hopefully will learn to trust Alexa a little less."

Here is the raw, uncut video footage which proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that this was not a hoax.

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