Before Donald Trump had officially decided on running for President of the United States of America, he turned to Fox News host Dana Perino to get her opinion on his running for office.

Perino recently appeared on ABC's 'The View' and went full-on snowflake.

“He wanted to know if I thought he could be successful for 2012 campaign primary,” 

“I need to be honest with you, Sir,” she remembered telling Trump, “I’m flattered that you asked me, but I’ve actually never worked on a campaign.”

Given this, she basically shuffled him off on Karl Rove, famed or infamous GOP strategist; the man many consider behind George W. Bush.

“I said, you know, who you really need to talk to, [is] Karl Rove. He sent me off on my way. Gave me a gift bag…a couple of ties for Peter (her husband),” she said.

Perino later published a book, "And The Good News Is", with a staffer suggesting she send it to Donald Trump.

“I was a little shy to do it,” she said. She then said she sent the book to Trump anyway and he eventually gave her a call.

“He sent me a letter congratulating me and he tweeted about the book,” Perino said. “It was really nice of him to do, right? If I had known he was going to run for president, I would have never sent it to him.”

After announcing that he was going to run for POTUS, she said on a podcast, “On what planet is this a good idea? It wasn’t that I don’t like him personally — it was that I wanted the Republican Party to win.”

“He got really mad. He had pointed out that I had wanted help on my book and that I had done wrong by him. I would never have asked him to look at my book if that was going to require a loyalty I wouldn’t have given as an opinion journalist. I have to tell you, I was like in a fetal position under my desk.”

Trump called her back in June of 2015.

“I was scared to talk to him,” Perino said. But she thought to herself, if she doesn’t take his call, he’s going to ask her to call him back and he’s going to say she called him.

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