This should come as no surprise to anyone. It's the Muslim Brotherhood backing anti-Trump protests. No surprise there, right?

Remember, just six years ago, President Obama banned all Iraqi refugees from entering the United States. No one even mentioned it. President Trump recently signed an executive order preventing refugees from seven terrorist filled countries from entering the United States. The mainstream media is losing its mind over it since Trump did it.

Egyptian Americans for Democracy and Human Rights (EADHR) is a radical group that backs the Muslim Brotherhood. CNN is ignoring who is protesting. Probably because they are too busy slamming President Trump. EADHR is leading these protests in different cities. Here is proof.

Muslim Brotherhood Backing Anti-Trump Protests, egyptian americans for democracy for human rights

This video shows EADHR people protesting at the Dallas Airport.

Here is the report from CNN, with actual EAHDR members in their video.

There is a reason Trump is banning these seven countries from entering the United States. They are infiltrating our system and fighting it. The more people backing the, the stronger they become.

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