MSNBC’s Glaude Accuses Tucker Carlson of Inciting Mass Shootings

On Monday night, Fox News Channel's Tucker Carlson discussed mass shooters, stating that "of course they’re angry. They know that their lives will not be better than their parents’. They’ll be worse, that’s all, but guaranteed. They know that. They’re not that stupid. The authorities in their lives, mostly women, never stop lecturing about their privilege, ‘you’re male, you are privileged.’ Try to imagine an unhealthier life than that. So a lot of young men in America are going nuts. Are you surprised?”

Now MSNBC contributor and Princeton professor Eddie Glaude Jr. is blaming Carlson for the Highland Park, IL shooting on July 4th.

MSNBC anchor Nicolle Wallace said, “So, the problem with mass shootings is women. I see," in response to Carlson's statement.

Glaude replied, “Think about what Tucker Carlson said. It’s absolutely stupid on a certain level.”

He continued, “What is he saying in a certain way? Well, a world in which white men reign supreme is collapsing, and they’re losing their minds so that they now want to murder people. That’s what he’s saying. The culture wars is the context for mass shooting. That’s what he’s saying. The grievance and hatred that he peddles is the source of these young 21-year-old and 22-year-olds going out killing babies and killing old people and killing folks on the Fourth of July. It makes no sense.”

Glaude added, “Something fundamental that the fabric of the country has shredded, it’s breaking. We’re broken. How do we get at that in terms of the news in relation to entertainment and in relation to ideological? I don’t know. The genie is out of the bottle, and how we fix it will be a difficult task.”

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