Mother of Two Faces Intense Backlash After She Reveals Why She Never Returns Her Shopping Cart

She wheelie just can’t be bothered. Get it?

Taking kids to the store can be tough. Getting them in the car, managing tantrums, and loading groceries is a challenge. Returning the cart seems like the least of worries for busy moms.

But one mom refuses to do it.

Dobson faced backlash from social media users. They were shocked by her stance on not returning grocery carts.

“I’m not returning my shopping cart,” said Leslie Dobson, a mom of two from Los Angeles, on TikTok. “Judge me all you want.”

She explained to her 11 million viewers, “I’m not leaving my kids in the car to return the cart.”

“If you give me a dirty look…F- -k off,” she added.

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Social media users were appalled by Dobson’s behavior.

“Cart return stations are everywhere. Can’t you be bothered?” asked one critic.

“I’m a single, disabled mom. I rely on the cart and still return it,” said another commenter.

“Returning the cart is a simple task. It shows if a person can self-govern,” added someone else.

“Mom of three here. I return the cart with my kids. It’s simple,” said another parent, calling Dobson “lazy.”

But research from Scientific American says those who don’t return carts aren’t inherently bad.

Studies show these people feel more entitled than others.

“People who don’t return carts think it’s someone else’s job,” said a 2017 report.

“Supermarkets try to guide behavior, but self-serving goals often win,” said experts.

“Not returning carts leads to other disrespectful behaviors,” they added.

Supermarket behavior has been a hot topic lately. Debates over who places the divider on the conveyor belt have erupted online.

A Texas mom named Amy was criticized for letting her toddler scan groceries, holding up the line. Dobson, however, stands firm against cyber criticism.

“I want women to trust their intuition and ignore judgment,” she responded to comments.

“Risk isn’t worth it. Our lives are precious,” Dobson added. “I hope you never don’t.”

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