I honestly can't say enough bad things about New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.

I don't like him, New Yorkers don't like him, even the governor of his own state who is of the same political party doesn't like him.

This week, de Blasio released a brief little video in an effort to take a jab at President Trump after he made an appearance on the Truman Balcony of the White House after he returned home from Walter Reed after contracting the coronavirus.

There's a bit of a running joke on the internet about how poorly liberals do at trying to make memes or make insulting bits of media against conservatives. For whatever reason, they just cannot seem to understand how to be witty.

Well, de Blasio tried and failed with this video:

What Senator Ted Cruz tweeted, the most perfect tweet anyone could have asked for in response to de Blasio,

"Wait...at the start of this video...he has no mask. ??

On a balcony. Outside.

Clearly, DeBlasio wants to kill everyone."

Sen. Cruz tweeted,

"Would DeBlasio have sent this identical tweet with the word “Jewish” replaced by any other religious minority? If not, why not? Laws should be enforced neutrally w/o targeting religious faith. #ProtectFreeExercise"

You may remember the little mural that was painted for both Mayor de Blasio and Governor Andrew Cuomo which read, "F*** Cuomo and de Blasio" on N. 15th Avenue.

On Sunday, de Blasio announced he wanted to shut down huge swaths of the city, asserting, “We’re having an extraordinary problem—something we haven’t seen since spring. Today, unfortunately, is not a day for celebration. Today is a more difficult day,” the New York Post reported.

“Under the mayor’s proposal, nine COVID-19 hot-spot neighborhoods in Brooklyn and Queens would lock down starting Wednesday, meaning all non-essential businesses would close, as well as indoor and even outdoor restaurant dining. In addition, all public and private schools would also be shut down,” The Daily Wire added.

De Blasio added that the lockdowns “will require the support and approval of the state’’ and that city officials would be holding “intensive’’ talks with the New York state administration, explaining, “This can only happen with state approval. We’ll be working to get approval.”

It sounds like this is coming a day late and a dollar short and all too conveniently. He's a coward and it clearly shows.

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