Owen Shroyer, the host of Infowars, has started a new chapter outside of solitary confinement, announcing his intention to broadcast a radio show from within a federal penitentiary.

After commencing his two-month incarceration at the Federal Correctional Institution Oakdale in Louisiana for participating in the Capitol riots on January 6, 2021, Shroyer spent the initial week in isolation. This measure was part of the facility's health safety procedures for incoming inmates during the COVID-19 pandemic.

After transitioning into the general population of the prison, Shroyer communicated with his supporters regarding his current state, yet he chose not to "want to get into what's going on here on the inside."

"I'm much more concerned about what's going on out there," he conveyed in a phone call recording that was uploaded to X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, on October 31.

"I'm extremely blessed because your prayers have come through."

Shroyer mentioned that following a seven-day stint in solitary, he received assistance from some "friendlies," signaling that "life on the outside begins."

"Of course, that's being hyperbolic since I'm still on the inside, but when you spend seven days in solitary, getting out and into a jail and being able to move feels like the outside. It was bitter cold today... but let me tell you, the 40 degrees wind and rain couldn't have felt any more refreshing than it did," he said during a message that lasts nearly five minutes.

Subsequently, he disclosed his aspiration to "pull the impossible" by anchoring his radio program from within the federal prison confines.

"I'm eternally grateful and I cannot wait until the day—return to being live on air with you. Thank you my friends, my family and my fellow patriots. Godspeed. And God bless," Shroyer finished.


The broadcaster received a sentence in September for inciting the crowd with rallying cries that escalated the unrest at a pivotal moment of the January 6 disturbances, which protested the outcome of the 2020 elections that resulted in President Donald Trump's defeat.

Although Shroyer didn't physically enter the Capitol building, prosecutors highlighted that many of his listeners were spurred into action by his words, and he subsequently admitted guilt to entering a restricted area.

In a separate case, Trump faced charges following Special Counsel Jack Smith's inquiry, which alleged that he engaged in a conspiracy to impede Congress's function of validating the 2020 election outcomes.

Asserting his innocence, Trump entered a plea of not guilty. His defense team has sought to have the charges dropped, arguing "on the basis of selective and vindictive prosecution" in a legal motion submitted on Monday, October 23.

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