Renowned attorney, Sidney Powell was recently denied a role as Special Counsel for the investigation into the election fraud.

The Rudy Giuliani led legal team of President Trump announced this recent development on the status of Powell in the presidential camp.

Giuliani said that Powell does not speak for the President regarding her allegations. She only speaks for herself.

She has went overboard with her allegations about election fraud and also with her habit of calling out so called "experts" who she said are either from the higher ranks of military intelligence or are very knowledgeable about voter turnouts. It turned out the first one is only a mid level programmer and the other one is a dummy who falsely exaggerates about the voter statistics in an election precinct in Michigan.

Lowell's intentions to defend the President might be honorable, but her recent actions which are bordering on recklessness, are instead harming the accelerating victories leading to the exposure of real election fraud.

Not everyone is a fan of Powell though.

Fox News contributor Karl Rove unloaded on Powell during a segment on Tuesday, saying:

"Ms. Powell has peddled theories that have no basis in fact. The idea that Hugo Chavez from the grave was somehow involved in stealing this year’s election and … she was poured out in courtroom recently where all of her expert witnesses — one of them was so highly prized that he had to have a code name and couldn’t be revealed, she sold him as a highly expert military intelligence analyst. [He] turned out to be a mid-level computer programmer from Dallas who couldn’t even pass the entrance exams from the 305th Intelligence Brigade in intelligence school. He couldn’t even pass the exams and he was her “high-level” advocate. She had another expert who couldn’t tell the difference between election precincts in townships in Minnesota and Michigan and claimed that 151% turnout in Wayne County, Michigan, when any idiot with access to Google and the county election returns could’ve seen that the turnout was 51%, not 151%. What she has done to sort of throw mud on the president through her antics is unbelievable. The president has been so ill-served by this crowd, and she is chief among them."

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