Senator John McCain loves attention and this proves it even further. John McCain begs Twitter for just 74 more followers to reach 3 million and what happens is hilarious.

Despite being 81 years old, John McCain still feels the need to be loved. Even by people who he will never meet on Twitter. It makes sense why he feels this way. He was denied presidency in 2008 when America instead went for a first-term senator with very little experience. Ever since that happened McCain has been on a quest to find love from strangers.

Monday morning McCain took to Twitter to plea for just 74 more followers to get to three million:

John McCain Begs Twitter For 74 More Followers

Sitting at 2,999,926 followers, McCain was right on the doorstep of the three million threshold. He was oh so close.

What happens next? His plea for followers backfired big-time. Followers started bailing on him.

He dropped down to 2,983,650 followers. Meaning he lost over 16,000 followers with his desperate plea.

Some even took this tweet as a reminder of why they do not like Senator John McCain.

McCain definitely does deserve some credit. He is a legit war hero and additional to that he has dedicated his life to public service. Despite this, he has done a great deal of damage to his reputation among conservatives.

McCain did finally vote for Trump's tax plan, but still some of his not as loyal followers said "see ya" to McCain after his desperate plea.

McCain hasn't given up. On Tuesday he tweeted a story that bashes Trump. Nothing like a little Trump-bashing to get some followers. The responses continue to demand to know why he changed his tax vote. He hasn't offered an explanation. I don't think he even knows why he voted no, then yes. Despite this his followers count continues to trend downward.

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