Joe Rogan Calls Out Democratic Mega-Donor: 'He Wants Cities to Fall Part, Crime to Flourish'

On Wednesday, Joe Rogan and a former CIA agent criticized liberal philanthropist George Soros on the "Joe Rogan Experience" podcast.

Rogan discussed contentious Democratic donors, including George Soros and his impact on local politicians, with former CIA covert operations officer and current CEO of Portman Square Group, Mike Baker, on the "Joe Rogan Experience" podcast.

"I had a conversation with the governor of Texas about him, with Greg Abbott, where he was explaining to me what George Soros does, and it’s f---ing terrifying that he donates money to a very progressive, very leftist - whether it’s a D.A. or whatever politician, and then funds someone who is even further left than them to go against them," Rogan stated. "He just keeps moving it along, so he’s playing like a global game and that he enjoys doing it."

Baker noted that Soros deeply understood where true power to change society at the grassroots level resides.

"It’s telling, right? He understood early on where you wanted to seize power, right? Sometimes you think ,‘A senator, that’s the pinnacle of success,’ well, it’s not, really. It’s the D.A.’s, and it’s the state-level politicians. That’s where real change occurs and where things can happen," he pointed out.

"Or real corrosion," Rogan replied. "That’s what’s scary, is that it seems like he funds corrosion, it’s like he wants these cities to fall apart, he wants crime to flourish, it’s almost like he’s an evil person in a Batman movie."

Baker commented that Soros had "made his real fortune by almost busting the Bank of England. He’s not out there for truth and justice."

Rogan then read an article in a sarcastic tone, from late 2021, about Soros funding a media firm to "fight disinformation."

"Good Information Inc. aims to fund and scale businesses that cut through echo chambers with fact-based information," Rogan read sarcastically. He continued: "As part of its mission, it plans to invest in local news companies."

Rogan continued, "It’s all very weird. This guy has obviously been involved in politics at a very high level for decades and decades, and it seems like it’s his fun little game."

Baker noted that there is an increasing "awareness" of the importance of knowing who holds local positions of power, like city council members, state congressmen, and PTA leaders, among others. He added that if one wants to complain, they also have an obligation to participate in the process.

Rogan further emphasized his point, "I don’t think people realized the implications that it had on their actual lives, with politicians, what rules people could and couldn’t enact until the pandemic, until they shut down businesses, shut down restaurants, mandated certain things, mandated vaccines for children’s schools."

The UFC host continued, "When you saw politicians doing things like that, that’s when people started freaking out, like, 'I didn’t know you guys had that kinda f---ing power.'"

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