Is Joe Biden bitter about Hillary Clinton being the failed Democratic nominee again? Biden spoke at the SkyBridge Capital event in Vegas. Biden said, "I never thought she was the correct candidate. I thought I was the correct candidate.” This was according to a tweet by Fusions's Hamilton Nolan. Sounds to me as if Creepy Uncle Joe might be a little bit bitter they didn't push him as the Democrat presidential candidate.

Look at what Joe had to say at the event.

Joe Biden Bitter?

After Biden made these comments the audience erupted with cheers.

According to another tweet, this one from Robert Wolf, Biden speculated on a 2020 run for president. “Could I run? Yes. Will I? Probably not, but I may very well do it.”

Per Free Beacon:

While discussing Clinton’s 2016 candidacy, Biden told the crowd, “I never thought she was the correct candidate. I thought I was the correct candidate,” according to a tweet from Fusion reporter Hamilton Nolan.

This is not the first shot at the former secretary of state from Biden.

In March he appeared to attack Clinton for ignoring the middle class during the election saying, “This is the first campaign that I can recall where my party did not talk about what it always stood for, and that is how to maintain a burgeoning middle class.”

How could a potential Democratic presidential candidate not be frustrated? The DNC pushed Hillary Clinton the entire way, ignoring that she was a disaster of a candidate.

By no means are we supporters of Joe Biden but at least he was able to show a little honesty when speaking about Hillary Clinton. He had one part of his statement right. Hillary Clinton was never the correct candidate. It doesn't take rocket scientist to figure that one out, though. Good job Joe!

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