Jill Biden Vogue Cover Appearance Sends Media Into Frenzy: 'I thought it was satire'

The timing of Vogue's cover featuring First Lady Jill Biden on its August issue stirred intense reactions. This followed President Biden's disastrous debate performance.

The magazine's favorable piece, titled "We will decide our future," was completed pre-debate. It was updated Sunday with Jill Biden's comments about the President's future. She stated her husband "will always do what's best for the country."

"The debate spurred a discussion about whether President Biden should remain the Democratic nominee," Vogue noted. Jill Biden fiercely defended her husband, stating, "We will not let those 90 minutes define the four years he's been president."

Since Biden's debate performance, calls from liberal media have surged for him to drop out over mental fitness concerns. Despite reports of donor and party panic, the campaign remains firm that Biden isn't leaving.

The Vogue story, based on pre-debate interviews and photos, praised the first family. It framed the race between Biden and Trump as one between democracy and tyranny. Vogue's editor-in-chief, Anna Wintour, has held multiple fundraisers for Biden.

When Vogue went live with its cover, comments were critical. Instagram influencer Alexandra Peirce mocked the cover, calling it "satire." Other users accused Vogue of propaganda and criticized the editorial move.

Many noted that former First Lady Melania Trump never appeared on Vogue's cover, despite being a supermodel. This is Jill Biden's third Vogue appearance during Joe Biden's term. Fox News host Jimmy Failla and OutKick founder Clay Travis were among those who criticized the cover on social media.

C.J. Pearson of the GOP Youth Advisory Council also commented on the absurdity of Jill Biden's cover following the debate. Janice Min of Ankler Media questioned the wisdom of this move during an election focused on the economy.

A Vogue representative defended the cover, stating it highlighted Jill Biden's work and urgent issues. An article in The Washington Post described the image as "saintly" and praised Jill Biden's dedication.

The New York Post editorial board claimed Jill Biden's Vogue appearance shows she is clinging to power. They argued staying in the race harms Joe Biden's health and risks a humiliating end to his career.

The Washington Examiner wrote that Jill Biden's Vogue cover is disturbing and condescending. They suggested it confirms speculations that Jill, not Joe, is pushing for "four more years."

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