Today Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg continuously lied to a room packed full of liars. Thankfully someone stepped up. James Woods stepped up and destroyed Mark Zuckerberg as well as the corrupt U.S. Senators.

Some perspective was badly needed after the out-of-touch Zuckerberg provided his much-hyped testimony to the U.S. Senators. Woods came through and delivered scorching hot series of tweets that definitely played to half of this great nation.

Outstanding stuff from James Woods once again. How many times will he step up and deliver some cold, hard truth when the left needs it?

Whether he's attacking Obama, ripping Hillary Clinton or going after Mark Zuckerberg, Woods does a great job of captivating so many of us with his dosage of harsh reality to liberals.

Then for good measure, he threw in this gem:

Fear not, Woods was not done.

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