While speaking with CNN's Chris Cuomo Monday, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said that the only reason federal law enforcement was investigating the Trump campaign was to protect them from being infiltrated by the Russians.

“The big thing here is this is not about spying on his campaign, it’s about what the Russians are doing,” Clapper said. “Were they attempting to infiltrate the campaign?”

When Cuomo asked Clapper why the FBI didn't approach the Trump campaign directly with their questions instead of spying, Clapper dismissed it.

“This is one of many techniques [the FBI] can use or bring to bear in the interest of determining whether there was active efforts by the Russians to infiltrate the campaign,” Clapper said. “We ought to think about it as part of the effort of the FBI to keep the nation safe and secure, and protect our voting process.”

Clapper ripped President Trump for ordering an investigation into the use of an informant in his campaign. He claims that Trump is using the DOJ as his "private investigatory body." Whatever that means.

Watch the video: James Clapper backpedals

If you were wondering why Clapper is suddenly so vocal and on TV everywhere it's because he released a book.

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