Two cities have completed a testing protocol for their homeless population, Jacksonville, FL and Phoenix, AZ.

Jacksonville, FL tested nearly 700 people, which is their total homeless population to see how many had the coronavirus and if it was a threat to the country given how easily it could spread to others.

Out of almost 700 people, you would expect quite a few people positive with it, but that's not the case. Not a single person in Jacksonville tested positive for the virus.

That is fantastic and all the more reason to stop believing what we hear on tv and what Dr. Fauci says.

In Jacksonville, 687 people were tested and Quest Diagnostics confirmed that, "all tested individuals did not have COVID-19; everyone was negative," the news release states.

The release went on to say how the homeless testing operation, which began May 4, was orchestrated.

Sulzbacher partnered with UF Health Jacksonville to administer the tests at the city's homeless shelters. Those shelters include Sulzbacher downtown and Sulzbacher Village, Trinity Rescue Mission, Salvation Army, Clara White Mission, Hubbard House and City Rescue Mission and both Urban Rest Stop locations, the news release states.

This is definitely a slap in the face to those who have been advocating for the homeless to be taken off the street and put into these commandeered hotels to prevent any outbreaks among them.

Some cities and states across the country have moved homeless people into hotel rooms in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus among those who are homeless — a group that has a higher risk of developing a severe coronavirus illness.

Indianapolis could soon join them. Aliya Wishner, a spokeswoman for the city, told IndyStar the city is in the process of setting up a contract with a local hotel to house homeless people who are either older or have underlying medical conditions. Details on that contract aren't yet available.

"The City and the Marion County Public Health Department have continued to work with community partners to pursue non-congregate housing spaces for our neighbors experiencing homelessness. One option which has proven successful in other cities is contracting with hotels to provide rooms for those individuals who are most vulnerable," said Wishner.

First Coast News | IndyStar

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