Hillary's Latest Lie - Unbelievable!

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As we know very well by now, Hillary is not a fan of the truth. This latest lie is unbelievable. This was during her DNC speech.

Per BizPac Review:

“I remember meeting a young girl in a wheelchair on the small back porch of her house,” the candidate said Thursday night. “She told me how badly she wanted to go to school — it just didn’t seem possible in those days. And I couldn’t stop thinking of my mother and what she’d gone through as a child.”

Clinton went on to explain that she helped build a coalition and “helped convince Congress to ensure access to education for all students with disabilities.”

While Clinton wants the country to believe she opted to serve the public at Yale University’s Children’s Defense Fund — which resulted in her going door to door and meeting the young girl — instead of going to work for a lucrative Washington D.C. law firm, Pittman noted that her failing the bar exams in the District of Columbia may have had something to do with the decision.

But back to the young girl, Pittman said he knows the man who was mayor of New Bedford at the time, John Markey, an 81-year-old lifetime Democrat who was also a judge, and he called him up to ask “a few questions about handicap services in 1973 at the New Bedford Public Schools, including wheelchair accessibility.”

The former mayor’s response:

“I took over as Mayor in January of 1973. We had a budget for vans with drivers and provided services to students with disabilities. It was Tremblay Bus. They would pick them up and drop them off at their homes. Now, they may not have been able to go to the local neighborhood school, depending on whether or not the schools were accessible for wheelchairs and may have had to drive uptown or somewhere in the city but there were many schools then which could and did accommodate our handicapped students in wheelchairs”.

“In fact, we had a local guy (Katz) who was a paraplegic, injured in a diving accident who came to my office many times to advocate for the disabled and I actually spent an entire day in 1973 in a wheelchair to better understand the challenges they face everyday. Soon after that we were cutting out sidewalks for wheelchairs and doing things in New Bedford before the laws ever compelled us to.”


“So despite the progressive and good works of the New Bedford leadership in 1973 to make the city schools and streets more handicap accessible, Hillary (no pun intended) rolled New Bedford local government under the bus last night in front of the world,” Pittman concluded.

“And needed to lie to do it.”

So at this point it's becoming very difficult to keep track of her lies, but this one is really tough to stomach. She knows no boundaries.

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