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One of the most followed topics of the DNC was when a Muslim family was brought up on stage to discuss their son, who happens to be a fallen soldier. Also part of the message was to oppose Republican nominee Donald Trump.

Khizr Khan brought his wife with him up on stage and spoke strongly against Trump's idea to ban Muslim immigrants from entering the country. Specifically Muslims that come from specific areas of the world.

The Khan family was at the convention in support of Hillary, but a big part of that was because they lacked an understand of Hillary Clinton's position and stance on the things that are so important to this Muslim family.

The son of this couple, Army Captain Humayun Kahn, was killed in 2004 by a car comb while guarding a base in Iraq.

The Khan family argued that if Trump were in charge their son would not have even been able to enter the country, let alone be able to fight for the United States freedom.

No one is going to doubt that this American hero answered the call to protect our great nation. However, the family's motives for getting involved in the 2016 election may not have anything to do with patriotism.

Instead, Khan was simply another move that just happened to benefit Hillary in her lifelong power trip. Charles Hurt, from The Hill, wrote that Hillary does not see the soldier as an American hero that sacrificed it all. But instead simply sees him as a way for her to move herself forward.

Hurt wrote:

“Politicians like Hillary Clinton see him only a demographic, a dispensable political pawn to be scooted around an electoral map, the way generals used to move armies across giant maps of the lands they were invading,”

But to take things a step further, it was Senator Hillary Clinton who voted to send troops into Iraq back in 2003. Once again it was Hillary Clinton, not Trump, who decided to flip flop on her decision and pull troops out of Iraq. The result of pulling troops out of Iraq is what put many lives in jeopardy, including Khan's life, and also cancelled out much of the progress that had been made in Iraq.

It appears the Khan family was tricked into thinking that Hillary Clinton really cares about them. Hillary only cares about herself. She only used them to further herself closer to her political goals.

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