Just a few weeks ago the debate left people from being excited about "Making America great again." The debate Tuesday night was very different. It left everyone with more information on what is dividing the candidates due to disagreement on most all issues discussed Tuesday night.

The candidates argued all night about immigration, bank regulation, taxes and national security. At one point there was a major exchange between Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Rubio where Rand was calling out others for not being a true conservative.

Trump was excited to introduce his ideas on immigration. Republicans struggle to broaden their appeal through the Hispanics and this debate did nothing to change that. There were clashes over what type of role America should play in the world and what exactly it means to be a conservative.

Jeb Bush continues his downward spiral. He seems lost and no one could have predicted the fall he has tumbled down over the previous months.

Who will charge forward and take the lead? The GOP desperately needs someone to seize the moment and take charge.


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