Good Guy Stops Antifa From Sucker-Punching Counter Protesters

Once again Antifa was looking to inflict damage on citizens. This time a good guy steps in and stopped Antifa from sucker-punching a counter protester.

It's good to see this happen. When someone is in the right place at the right time to make things turn out right.

This guy has cat-like reflexes.

Antifa is a national group that is trying to silence Trump supporters and those who vote on the right all across the country. They show up anywhere they can wreak havoc on conservatives and Republican voters.

How do they wreak havoc? By inflicting violence on the right. How are they not in jail already? Well, they do most of their damage in liberal cities where they are able to get away with more.

Luckily, in the video below, there was a good guy who stepped in and stopped Antifa from inflicting more damage.

This guy can thank his friend for saving him from a broken jaw.

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