It's probably fairly safe to conclude that CNN's most terrible "journalist", Jim Acosta, only has a job because he harrassed President Trump and that's what CNN wants to feed the public.

Just this week during a press conference, Acosta was once again harassing the President when he had finally had enough.

President Trump told Acosta to "hold it" as he was misrepresenting the U.S. COVID response and global numbers.

Acosta had said, "The U.S. has so many deaths compared to so many countries around the world," Acosta said. Trump, interjected, "Fake News CNN, hold it."

The President continued,"We have done a great job in this country. We haven't been given -- and not me, I’m not talking about me. The Vice President, the task force, have not been given the kind of credit. If you look at countries all over the world are exploding right now -- people that you said were doing a wonderful job, so wonderful, but right now, take a look at the countries that are exploding."

"You have Italy back, you have Spain back, you have France back, you have Germany back, you have a lot of countries -- and that’s not to knock them. It is a very delicate, very contagious disease. It was released by China. It should never have been allowed to release. ... Now, they say that China is having a lot of problems. Moscow in Russia is having tremendous problems."

Following that, Acosta went and cried on Twitter, "Asked Trump why the US has so many deaths compared to so many countries around the world. Trump claims the US has done “an amazing job” on the coronavirus."

Honestly, rather than liberals complaining the whole time, why don't we ever hear something like, "Well, we should have done this." or "Let's do this instead."? It's because they don't have or want a solution, they want a reason to rip into the President to try and make him look bad.

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