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FBI Director did point out that Hillary Clinton was "extremely careless" in her personal email server user, while in a press conference Tuesday. Despite that he still recommends that no charges be made to the DOJ.

Comey may be very respected by both parties, but this decision has certainly ruffled some feathers. One of the people this bothered is Andrew McCarthy. He is a contributing editor at National Review. Additional to that he is a former federal prosecutor and has been a friend of Comey for a long time.

Recently in a piece for National Review, McCarthy pointed out that Comey was misinterpreting the law and that Clinton should definitely be charged.

Per Conservative Tribune:

“There is no way of getting around this: According to Director James Comey (disclosure: a former colleague and longtime friend of mine), Hillary Clinton checked every box required for a felony violation of Section 793(f) of the federal penal code (Title 18),” McCarthy wrote.

With lawful access to highly classified information she acted with gross negligence in removing and causing it to be removed it from its proper place of custody, and she transmitted it and caused it to be transmitted to others not authorized to have it, in patent violation of her trust. Director Comey even conceded that former Secretary Clinton was ‘extremely careless’ and strongly suggested that her recklessness very likely led to communications (her own and those she corresponded with) being intercepted by foreign intelligence services.”

Over the next few days there will be more and more people coming out with their take on the situation. One of Comey's best friends strongly opposing his decision does not bode well for him.

What do you think about this McCarthy's take?

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