The Democrats are full-on panicking now after the Senate Homeland Security Panel made their announcement that they're going to be making a move forward and issuing subpoenas related to Hunter Biden and the corruption surrounding him and Burisma Holdings.

A new Republican-led Senate probe into Hunter Biden's service on the board of natural gas company Burisma will serve as "accountability" for a long-running investigation into his family's dealings with Ukraine, former Whitewater Independent Counsel Ken Starr said Thursday.

In an interview on "America's Newsroom" with host Sandra Smith, Starr said that the leader of the inquiry, Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson, is right to want information surrounding the Bidens.

"As Senator Johnson has said on Fox News, ‘Let's just get these facts and if there is no there there.’ But, why all the protesting? Why don't we just get these documents in good order and analyze them and so forth?' he asked.

What Senator Johnson said must have really struck them at their core.

“I’m somewhat suspicious. My interest level has been raised by the high level of their objections. I think they protest a little too much. Apparently we’re hitting a nerve here. Maybe we’re getting close to finding out some important information.”

Did you happen to catch what Kamala Harris said near the start of that video? Here it is:

"There are literally matters of life and death waiting for our committee's attention. But instead this committee is doing the President's personal bidding. Members of this committee I urge you to vote against this political sideshow so that we can focus our attention on this pandemic that is threatening the lives and livelihood of the American people."

This is hypocrisy. This is exactly what the Democrats have been doing to President Trump for years now, where is the outrage over that?

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