Given the political climate of the entire United States right now, this is definitely a time that we need to be aware of our surroundings and what's going on in our local area.

With the death of George Floyd, one Minneapolis suburb has sworn off the police entirely and has decided that they won't even call them for help. This is a terrible idea and they're only seeing the beginning of it.

This concept has already resulted in homeless people setting up an encampment with over 300 people in a local park.

Along with the overrun park, traffic has also reportedly increased in the neighborhood as drug dealers have no problem openly cruising the streets to meet their displaced clientele during the civil unrest, rioting, and looting. At least one person has overdosed inside Powderhorn Park and had to be brought out by an ambulance. Prostitution has also been reported as a problem in the area.

Despite these conditions, residents have agreed to "check their privilege" and "protect people of color" by not involving the police force with minor inconveniences such as property damage.

If anyone were to find themselves in physical danger, they vowed to seek help from the American Indian Movement, which was founded in Minneapolis in 1968 to address systemic issues of police brutality against Native Americans and poverty. They have been policing their own communities for years.

Keeping the promise to not involve the police has been much more difficult than they imagined. Some residents have decided to avoid the park altogether after catcalls and verbal harassment. Parents are fearing for their children's safety. Others say they have trouble sleeping at night for fear of campers breaking into their homes.

Local resident Carrie Nightshade, 44, told The Times she no longer allows her young children to play in the park by themselves. She said, "I'm not being judgmental. It's not personal. It's just not safe."

Just realize that if we can't put a stop to the liberals' agenda, this is the future that our children will inherit.

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