A Costco shopper has sworn off Chick-fil-A after finding two amazing alternatives at the warehouse club. They posted on Reddit's r/Costco, sharing a photo of Kirkland breaded chicken breast chunks and Kinder's "The Chicken Sauce."

The shopper praised the Kirkland chicken and sauce, claiming they taste better than Chick-fil-A's offerings. Another Reddit user echoed the sentiment, confirming the combo's deliciousness shortly after enjoying it themselves.

A third commenter noted the Kirkland nuggets had superior seasoning, with a peppery taste and crispier breading. Costco's knack for creating beloved dupes extends beyond chicken, as fans recently raved about a Huy Fong sriracha substitute.

The sought-after sriracha dupe emerged after Huy Fong changed suppliers due to a disagreement. This Costco alternative has captivated fans with its authentic taste, reminiscent of the original sriracha.

Reddit users have expressed their fondness for the sriracha, with one saying they use it on everything. Another chimed in to praise the condiment's quality.

However, Costco isn't the only retailer offering great dupes. A Lidl shopper claimed to have found a Trader Joe's meal replica, while a former McDonald's chef highlighted a Walmart product that mimics a popular breakfast item.

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