Costco Customer Uses Price Tag Misprint to Send Political Message, Goes Viral

A Canadian shopper at Costco turned a pricing blip into a viral sensation. With a misprint that turned heads, they sparked a conversation far beyond the price of chicken.

"Thinking of moving to Canada?" Cass Szabo teases in a TikTok clip. "Think again. Our food prices? Outrageous."

Cue the reveal: chicken drumsticks with jaw-dropping tags—$202.18 and $224.58.

But wait, convert that to U.S. dollars. You're looking at about $150 and $166. Mind-boggling, right?

Szabo spills the beans in a story with FOX Business—it's all a mix-up. A satirical nudge about something deeper.

"I love Canada," she declares. "But let's talk. Housing crisis. Sky-high living costs. People dreaming of a better life in Canada are hitting walls. Homelessness. Joblessness. Immigrants leaving. That's not the Canada I love."

@theszabomorgans ???????????? #costcofinds #canada #costcocanada #momtok #movingtocanada #parentsoftiktok #firsttimeparents ♬ original sound - Cass | first time mama ????

Szabo, a new mom, isn't just about laughs on TikTok. Her page is a diary of pregnancy and family life.

Her video? Nearly 8 million views by Sunday morning. It's not just about the price of chicken; it's a conversation starter.

Jokes fly in the comments. "Bought cereal. Financed it over 4 years," quips a user.

Skeptics chime in. Those Costco chicken prices? Definitely a typo. "Supposed to be $22," another user clarifies.

In a world of viral videos, Szabo's message cuts deep. It's not just about a misprint. It's a snapshot of life in Canada, wrapped in satire and served with a side of viral fame.

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