UFC sensation Conor McGregor seemed to diminish the impact of the punches he landed on Miami Heat's mascot, Burnie, during Game 4 of the NBA Finals last week.

In an interview with TMZ Sports on Tuesday, McGregor stated that he had a conversation with the individual inside the mascot costume and emphasized that there was no hostility or ill will between them.

"The mascot is good. It was a skit, and all is well," he said to TMZ. "I spent a lot of time with him afterward, we talked it out, everything is great. It was all part of the show."

During a timeout at halfcourt, McGregor and Burnie found themselves in close proximity, leading the MMA fighter to deliver two punches to Burnie. The individual inside the costume required brief medical attention following the incident. The team confirmed on Sunday that the employee had received pain medication and was currently recuperating at home.

McGregor made an appearance at the arena as part of a promotional stunt for a pain-relief spray. The mascot, dressed in oversized boxing gloves and a boxing-style robe, resembled a fighter in a boxing match. McGregor landed a solid left hook on the mascot, causing them to fall to the floor. He followed up with another punch before being escorted off the floor.

Heat's head coach, Erik Spoelstra, commended the resilience and toughness displayed by the individual inside the mascot suit.

"That’s the Miami Heat toughness we’re talking about," Spoelstra said Sunday. "He should’ve been allowed, you know, to take the first swing. We won’t reveal who that is but he’s tough. He can take a punch and get back out there."

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