Former FBI Director James Comey is one of the last men in the USA who should be throwing shade. Yet here we are, as the FIRED director refers to President Trump as a “shrunken, withered figure.”

In a piece published by Washington Post, Comey explained what he calls the “four stages” of being criticized by Trump. He also urged people to vote the president out of office in the 2020 election.

“What’s it like to be personally and publicly attacked by the president of the United States? Like many others in and out of government, I have some experience,” Comey said

“It’s hard on good people, especially those who don’t have savings to fall back on,” he continued, “but the truth is that, in many ways, it is not as hard as you might think, especially as it continues endlessly, leaking power, shrinking its source.”

He also slammed Trump’s foreign policy, with emphasis on the decision to pull troops from northern Syria.

“I don’t mean to suggest Trump is not dangerous. The horrific betrayal of allies in northern Syria demonstrates that an impetuous and amoral leader can do great harm, even in shrunken form,” Comey wrote.

“For the fourth, and final, stage,” his rant continued, “we need to fight through our fatigue and contempt for this shrunken, withered figure. Spurred by the danger he poses to our nation and its values, we have to overcome the shock and numbness of earlier stages.”

Comey added, “We must not look away.”

Sounds to me like Comey’s ears are still burning from being caught in all his lies. He’s a weak man who must hurl insults and create a snowball of lies to make himself feel better.

What a sad little man.

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