The Clinton body count is something the mainstream media refuses to report on. This is a video that has an in depth analysis of the deaths related to the Clintons. "Accidental deaths" and "suicides" are often what is tagged as the reason of death. People are killed and left in their own blood at times. Watch this video for more information on it.

Hillary Clinton Body Count

Some of them have such ridiculous causes of death, so how can we believe them? One person overdosed from mouth wash. Others jumped out of high buildings. Another shot himself in the chest two times with two different guns.

There are so many crazy deaths of people that were about to testify against the Clintons. Wikileaks suggested that DNC staffer Seth Rich was the person who leaks their emails. He was shot dead in the back recently by a "robber." Keep in mind, this robber did not take anything from Seth, including his wallet, cell phone or watch. Not a very good robber, right, or is he even a robber? No.

Additional to that, Wikileaks posted two links to assassinations. One is that he is pointing to a man who is suggesting Julian Assange be assassinated. Why is Wikileaks posting this link on their own Twitter page?

On top of that, Hillary has given money to Lafarge. This is a company that gave money to ISIS. It is listed plain as day on Hillary's website and the Clinton Foundation has dumped money on Lafarge.

The Clintons are getting away with murder. The mainstream media refuses to report on it and it is our job to help spread the word. Due to this, it is our job to provide you the facts.

Watch the video and listen to the shocking deaths. Like and share on Facebook so we can help spread the word on the Clinton body count and bring justice.

clinton body count julian assange

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