Hillary's health is collapsing. Hillary Clinton's bad health is getting to a point to where many wonder if she can make it up to and through an election.

Hillary Clinton's Bad Health

Someone is physically holding her up. She is nearly collapsing while giving her speech. On top of that another man is front of her, prepared to catch her if she falls. This photo was provided by the Gateway Pundit. Someone is also holding her up from the left side. On the video there is a comparison to the movie Weekend at Bernie's.

On top of that there was the picture of a Secret Service Agent with a pen that will help her with seizures. Another video shows she is having a mental lapse. She is literally short circuiting and about to pass out on stage. Also the picture of her where she is unable to make it up the stairs. Her health problems are very serious. Meanwhile, she thinks she is fit to be leader of the free world.

hillary clinton's bad heatlh unable to stand alone

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