Michael Moore joined CNN wacko Van Jones on his CNN show to rip on Donald Trump. Then this Chrysler employee shuts Michael Moore down!


In case you can't hear it, here is how it goes down:

Michael Moore (on Trump): I don’t think he’s going to take care of you, the working person.

Chrysler worker: He’s done more for me than any Democrat’s done in my lifetime.

Michael Moore: No he hasn’t done anything for you yet.

Chrysler worker: I can tell you this no other politician in my lifetime has ever brought this issue to the forefront. And the fact of the matter is, we do get screwed on trade.

I bet Michael Moore regrets having the Q&A sessions he had at the end of this. The people are behind Donald Trump whether the socialists and CNN want to believe it or not.

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Michael Moore Gets Owned

Chrysler Employee Shuts Michael Moore Down

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