The liberals have their latest reason to throw a fit. During a G20 session, Ivanka Trump briefly filled in for her father. This is a very common thing. Many leaders use this same practice, but that didn't matter to the liberals. Count Chelsea Clinton in this group. After Ivanka sat in for her daddy at the G20 Summit, Chelsea Clinton attacks President Trump, but guess who ended up looking stupid? Chelsea Clinton! Does this surprise anyone? It shouldn't since Chelsea has a long history of stupid.

Per ABC:

First daughter Ivanka Trump filled her father’s seat at a table of world leaders during a meeting at the G-20 Summit today when President Trump left the session to attend to another matter.

An image of the first daughter seated among world leaders at the summit in Hamburg, Germany, first surfaced on Twitter. It was posted by a person with the handle @LanaLukash who later deleted the tweet.

Ivanka Trump Sits in for Daddy at G20 Summit

Before the tweet was deleted, however, it drew a lot of attention on social media.

Asked about the photo, a White House official said that Ivanka Trump’s time sitting in for her father was brief and that the topic under discussion at the time was relevant to her advocacy role on a women’s economic development initiative with the World Bank.

“Ivanka was sitting in the back and then briefly joined the main table when the president had to step out and the president of the World Bank started talking as the topic involved areas such as African development, areas that will benefit from the facility just announced by the World Bank,” the official said.

The official also noted that it’s customary for a representative of the president’s delegation to occupy his seat if he steps out of the room and that other nations follow the same practice. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin also occupied the president’s seat for a time during another meeting yesterday, according to the official.

You know the Fraud News Network also had to get in on the fun!

Brian Fallon, a CNN political commentator and former spokesman for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, responded to the news with a tweet: “I’m sure Republicans would have taken it in stride if Chelsea Clinton was deputized to perform head of state duties,” he wrote.

But Michael McFaul, the United States ambassador to Russia under President Barack Obama, said Ivanka Trump subbing in was unusual.
“This is strange,” he tweeted. “Very strange.”
Brian Klaas, a Trump critic and fellow at the London School of Economics, tweeted the photo of Ivanka Trump, adding, “Ivanka Trump, unelected, unqualified, daughter-in-chief, is representing the US at the G20 summit next to May, Xi, Merkel.”

First, President Trump addressed the non-issue on Twitter.

Then, President Trump mentioned how the liberal media attacked him for using a very standard procedure.

At this point, Chelsea Clinton was dying to get in on the action. She waited long enough and finally decided it was time, once again, to make herself look like a total idiot.

Chelsea Clinton Attacks President Trump

Chelsea Clinton couldn't understand that the globalist policies of her parents were killing American workers, so don't expect her to understand much.

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