While in DC, Brett Kavanaugh was photographed serving food to the homeless for Catholic Charities. The left's response? Obviously, this is staged.

TMZ reported on Judge Kavanaugh volunteering despite it being his first week on the Supreme Court. He was working alongside his former pastor Monsignor John Enzler, who happens to now be the CEO of Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Washington. He was helping to feed homeless residents while his security detail watched.

“Cynics might see this as a blatant attempt at image repair after the nightmare of his confirmation hearing, but the truth is … this appears to be a regular thing for him,” TMZ reported. “The Justice was also seen serving up grub to the homeless back in July with the same organization.”

Of course the left has taken an unsurprising stance. Kathy Griffin hasn't changed. She tweeted, “Yet again, TMZ is serving as the PR arm of the White House…helping to normalize Trump’s monsters.”

This is the second time Kavanaugh has been photographed serving the homeless in the past few months. In July a passerby snapped a photo that went viral. Kavanaugh was dishing out meals to the needy just two days before his nomination was announced.

At that time his critics also said that was a PR stunt.

It is unfathomable to the left that Justice Kavanaugh is out helping the homeless out of the good of his heart. He already has his dream job, what is the need to paint a fake story?

Oh that's right, Trump appointed him. When that happens the left automatically hates you.

It's time for the left to grow up. If someone wants to devote their time to helping the homeless, good for them. Kathy Griffin can't understand that because she would never, ever do something like this.

Good job, Justice Kavanaugh. Making many people feel good about the recent confirmation.

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