BREAKING: Reporters in Pyongyang Post Urgent Tweets – Have Been Told to be Prepared to Move Out at 6:20 AM – No Cell Phones Allowed

Reporters in Pyongyang are posting urgent tweets. They have been told to be prepared to move out of their hotels at 6:20 AM. No cell phones allowed! Many tweets confirm that it is an urgent situation, but they are unsure what to expect.

Per Reuters:

SEOUL (Reuters) – Foreign journalists visiting North Korea have been told to prepare for a “big and important event” on Thursday, although there were no indications it was directly linked to tensions in the region over the isolated state’s nuclear weapons program.

Around 200 foreign journalists are in Pyongyang as the country marks the 105th birth anniversary of its founding president Kim Il Sung on April 15, North Korea’s biggest national day called “Day of the Sun”.

There have been many tweets about the unusual warnings in the capital. Jeremy Koh will be in the capital all week.

Stay tuned as we will be providing updates as we receive them.

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