The wall at the U.S./Mexico border is going up in record time right now.

This is good not only to keep people from coming into the country illegally and slow down drug and human trafficking, but to help control the potential of further spread of the coronavirus.

Border patrol has still been working this whole time. No one will question the necessity of those individuals down there working hard to keep our country safe.

Recently, Texas Border Patrol agents put a stop to three separate human trafficking attempts. One of the attempts actually included 48 people who were found inside of a tractor-trailer.

In the group were 46 adults and 2 children, all citizens of Mexico, the driver of the truck is an American citizen. They were discovered at an Interstate Highway 35 checkpoint near the border city of Laredo, Texas.

The driver of the truck approached the checkpoint on May 14 and was referred to a second inspection where a giant X-ray detected people hiding in the back. The agency did not say if anyone was injured during the attempted smuggling or how the undocumented immigrants entered the country.

Another smuggling incident was revealed an hour later when agents working a U.S. Highway 83 checkpoint found 10 people inside a tractor-trailer. The individuals were from Mexico and Ecuador and were arrested, along with the driver, a U.S. citizen.

The final incident occurred near U.S. HIghway 59 when agents on patrol stopped a pickup truck with four undocumented immigrants and a U.S. citizen driver. The passengers were from Mexico and Honduras.

All five people were placed under arrest.

Amid the coronavirus, Border Patrol apprehensions have significantly decreased to fewer than 17,000 people in April, compared to over 34,000 in March.

Criminals may think that they're getting smarter and more innovative in the ways that they're bringing people across the border, but ultimately they're going to fail.

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