I'm not a big fan of the water, especially when it comes to oceans.

Now, I do love the beach and I enjoy having fun on boats on lakes, but I'm not a fan of swimming in the ocean or anything like that. I can swim though I'll admit I'm not the best swimmer, but I do have a fear of drowning. I think it would be a terrible way to die.

You can imagine the relief of the five people who were waiting for help on a capsized boat in the Gulf of Mexico this past weekend.

Pasco County Sheriffs Office has released bodycam footage of a marine deputy showing the rescue.

The 20-foot boat capsized Saturday about 15 miles northwest of Anclote Key. No one was injured. The U.S. Coast Guard also assisted in the rescue.

The vessel sent out a mayday report on channel 16 — which is used by boaters to send distress signals — before it capsized, the Coast Guard said.

The video shows Cpl. Mitch Bollenbacher throwing a rope out to the five people and helping them aboard the officer's boat.

According to Daily Mail

Florida police officer's body cam footage revealed the dramatic moments when he rescued five people after their boat capsized in the Gulf of Mexico.

The video, released on Facebook by the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office, shows its marine unit deputy Cpl. Mitch Bollenbacher carrying out the rescue on Saturday, about 15 miles northwest of Anclote Key in Pasco County, Florida.

Bollenbacher's camera shows him motoring up to the site where the mostly submerged, 20-foot vessel was located.

At the time, four of the passengers were sitting on the upturned boat, while the fifth floated in the water nearby.

'God d**n it's good to see you,' one of the passenger says, while another says, 'We've got life jackets and we're all set.'

When one of the passengers asks Bollenbacher how he's doing, the deputy replies 'I'm good,' adding 'Better than you!' as he maneuvers closer.

He then tells the passengers about the rescue plan and tosses them a rope that each of the passengers hold on to while swimming the short distance to Bollenbacher's boat.

At one point, Bollenbacher has to tell a passenger not to pull his boat towards theirs while they wait for their turn to get on the rescue boat. In that moment, his keel floats on top of the submerged portion of the capsized boat.

Could you imagine if they hadn't been rescued and Hurricane Laura had moved in on them? That would have been even worse!

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