BLM Protester Gets Epic Surprise When Unexpected Car Drives Up and Hands Cop Something

BLM protesters were told if they left to get food and drinks they were unable to return. They were distraught when cops that were hanging out nearby were handed some delicious Chick-fil-A.

“Atlanta police officers just got Chick-fil-A dropped off to them while they stand out here and illegally deny protesters who are legally occupying space in front of the Governor’s Mansion supplies,” one of the activists said.

“They’re not allowing food or water to be brought back in,” he continued. “They’re not letting people come back in and out. And they just got Chick-fil-A dropped off. Chick-fil-A just brought them food. Wow! Wow!”

Maybe the cops could have handed the protesters their old napkins to wipe away their tears. Check out the video.

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