Hurricane Matthew is about to devastate the east coast. Some people have had strange reactions. For instance, BLM plans looting during Hurricane Matthew.

Weather reports are predicting a potential category 5 storm. Instead of bracing for the storm, others are thinking about who they can rob.

This was proven by a quick Twitter search. Many of the people in and around the storm are talking about the looting opportunities they will have.

“God Please let this hurricane hit us so I can do some looting,” is what one despicable user had to say.

“So we looting after the hurricane? I do need a new TV & iPhone and some clothes,” added another terrible person.

One user was asked specifically if he would be looting and he said, "yep, but in white neighborhoods.”

After looking over these Twitter accounts, it shows that many of them were sympathetic toward BLM. Yes, the Black Lives Matter that carried out loads of looting in Baltimore, Ferguson and Charlotte.

Many of these Twitter accounts were very Anti-Trump.

No one has to tell you that these types of posts are absolutely despicable. There have already been more than 100 deaths from the hurricane in Haiti. Time and time against this has proven to be what to expect from BLM.

Here are some of the Tweets, per Infowars:

BLM Plans Looting During Hurricane Matthew

BLM Plans Looting During Hurricane MatthewThese people are absolutely disgusting. Please help us expose them by liking and sharing on Facebook.

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