Antifa Thugs Chuck Bottles of Urine at Boston Police – VIDEO

This disgusting group is back at it in Boston. The Antifa thugs chuck bottles of urine at the Boston police. The Boston Police Department took to twitter to ask for these fools to stop throwing urine at their officers.

 is asking individuals to refrain from throwing urine, bottles and other harmful projectiles at our officers.” tweeted the Boston Police Department.

It was confirmed by the Boston Police Commissioners that bottles filled entirely with urine were hurled at officers while the protest was going on.

Michele McPhee was on the scene and reported “Counterprotesters have been asked by @bostonpolice to stop assaulting cops with bottles of urine etc.”

Twitter user @meequalsfree tweeted out a video that showed an Antifa goon who was carrying around urine.

There was video by Fox News that shows an Antifa thug grab an American flag from a grey-haired woman. They drug her for about 10 yards while she continued to hang onto the flag. Finally, the Antifa idiot lets go of the flag. At this point the woman tumbles to the ground . Her male friend catches up to her. At this point the woman goes after the Antifa idiot and her friend gets the flag back.

As you may have guessed, no one of the protesters came to the help of the poor grey-haried woman who was dragged through the Common.

Watch the video.

These people are absolutely despicable. President Trump is getting killed for calling that out.

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