Google is constantly listening to us and watching us, stealing our data. Then Alex Jones storms the Google Headquarters to film them. Guess what they did?

How funny when he asks what's wrong with cameras? You guys use cameras all the time. He then points at the young man's computer and shows him where there is a computer on it. The poor guy is looking around praying for someone to come help him.

"Google trespasses on us, tracks and listens to everything we do. We come here and what did I say the response would be?"

Alex Jones has gotten away from aggressive investigative reporting like this in recent years, but this was AWESOME.

Another thing to look at in the video. Google gives you a notice that basically everything you do in the building is going to be recorded. For being a company that wants to steal all of the information all the time, they sure aren't very generous to those of us who want to do the same.

While this video is over the top, in typical Alex Jones fashion, it does make a great point. We must stand up and fight back against the hypocrisy of companies like Google.

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