Woman's Video Goes Viral With 'Evidence' Her Stanley Cup Saved Her Life

A TikTok user's Stanley cup reportedly saved her life during a shootout outside her Ohio home. Identified as 22-year-old Rachel by the New York Post, she credits the beverage holder for deflecting a stray bullet.

Rachel's TikTok clip, viewed over 3.3 million times, shows the aftermath. It reveals a bullet hole, a damaged spray bottle, and her beige Stanley cup with paint scrapes.

The video caption suggests the cup played a life-saving role. "POV: my Stanley cup saves my life with there's a shootout in front of my house," it reads.

@xo._ray one of the scariest day of my life ????#stanleycup ♬ original sound - JordBen

Describing the incident, Rachel recounted hearing gunshots. "My fiance David and I were talking...then we heard about 7 or 8 gunshots," she told The Post. She preferred not to share her last name, citing safety.

The bullet hit the Stanley cup in front of her, she said. This deflection possibly saved her life.

Stanley cups have recently faced scrutiny over lead content. Despite lawsuits claiming unsafe lead use, the manufacturer maintains no lead comes into contact with beverages inside.

Rachel and her fiancé waited for police after the incident. They were instructed to retrieve the bullet for evidence.

Social media reactions have praised the cup's durability. "I'm convinced Stanleys are immortal," one comment read, highlighting the unexpected turn of events.

"Stanley really out here saving lives," remarked another user, reflecting on the cup's unexpected role in the incident.

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