An astonishing email has surfaced. A Wikileaks email claims Hillary murdered Vince Foster. What follows this claim is even more chilling.

Wikileaks Email Claims Hillary Murdered Vince Foster

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Late Sunday night Wikileaks was under a MASSIVE DDoS attack. After the massive DNCLeak2 dump, the site was taken offline for several minutes. Several topics began trending on Twitter, including Vince Foster. The DDoS attack also took Twitter offline.

Was this attack an attempt to keep this information hidden?

In 1993, during the (Bill) Clinton administration, Vince Foster was found dead in his car. Vince was a personal friend of Hillary Clinton. He was also a part of the Deputy White House Council.

Two investigators, Kenneth Starr and Robert Fiske, concluded that Foster shot himself in his car. The death has long been considered suspicious, though.

Recently new evidence has been found with regards to the case. The new evidence is that he died from two gunshot wounds to the neck, not just the one that was first reported. Here is the new evidence that was found in the case.

Wikileaks Email Claims Hillary Murdered Vince Foster new information

Per the Political Insider:

The theory is, as Vince Foster was one of Hillary’s closest friends, he knew too much about these scandals. In fact, he may have had a romantic relationship with the then first-Lady.

Foster had been a long-time friend and companion to Hillary. The two shared a brokerage account called Midlife Partners. When Barbara Walters asked Hillary if she had been having an affair with Vince Foster, Hillary lowered her eyes and told the 20/20 cameras, “He was a very special man.” When he died, Hillary said publicly that Vince Foster was the last person who would have committed suicide. Friends reported she was genuinely shocked and aggrieved.

Why, then, did Hillary lie under oath about the last time she saw Vince Foster?

Testifying before the Office of the Independent Counsel (OIC) in 1994, she claimed that the last time she had spoken to Vince Foster was on the phone “the Friday or Saturday before Father’s Day.” Yet documents from the National Archives, acquired by the New York Megaphone, show that Foster’s assistant, Tom Castleton, reported he “saw Hillary Clinton in Foster’s office approximately four times during the five weeks he was employed.” Castleton didn’t start working for Foster until after Father’s Day, 1993.

According to Ambrose Evans-Pritchard in a 1996 Telegraph (UK) article, Hillary Clinton asked Vince Foster to help her spy on her libertine husband in 1990. Foster hired Jerry Parks, an Arkansas investigator who later worked as the head of security for the Clinton/Gore campaign. According to Parks’s widow, “Jerry asked Vince why he needed this stuff on Clinton. He said he needed it for Hillary.” When Vince Foster showed up dead in a Washington-area public park in the summer of 1993, Parks was terrified. Two months later Parks was shot nine times at close range, at a stoplight, in his SUV, in Little Rock. Parks’s home was then raided by eight Federal agents, including officers from the FBI, IRS, Secret Service, and (unusual for a domestic case) the CIA.

If true, this means Vince Foster was murdered to make sure he didn’t tell the world what he knew about President Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary. He was too honest, and therefore couldn’t be trusted anymore.

Wikileaks Email Claims Hillary Murdered Vince Foster

Wikileaks Email Claims Hillary Murdered Vince Foster

There are so many mysterious deaths related to the Clintons that they can become difficult to keep track of. Between the Hillary Clinton lies and these suspicious deaths, how is she anywhere near the White House?

The mainstream media is not reporting this story. We need your help exposing her. Please share this story on Facebook so we can expose her for what she is: a murderer.

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