There is a video circling the internet now, which was originally uploaded to Youtube in 2011, of an American woman who stuffs a Quran full of bacon, and then sets it on fire.

She does so on behalf of all the women and girls who have been oppressed, raped, and murdered in the name of Islam. You go girl!

Watch the clip here:

In the Quran, the holy book for Muslims, women are about equivalent to the rug beneath a man's feet. They do not have rights and are easily stripped of basic human rights and murdered. It's a sad, gruesome reality.

Center for Inquiry reports: 

Laws about women are the most cruel, inhumane and cunning aspects of the Koran and Islamic Shari’a.

They are forced to accept that women are inferior to men, that their testimony is equal to only half that of the man, that they should inherit one – half of the male share, that  Allah doesn’t want to see any women unveiled, that she may not conserve with men except her father, or her brother. The proper job and position for women is taking care of home, children and to be a housewife. The majority of Muslim women are brought up with the conviction that it is Allah’s command for them to be under male dominance and their fates are interwoven with that of men.

How the left, especially feminists, can defend Islam is beyond me. It is by far the most oppressive and violent religion when it comes to women.

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