After watching the video below, I know of one Taliban fighter who immediately regretted his decision to fire on American troops! HA!

A lone insurgent thought it would be a good idea to attack troops at close range, as they were dropped off by helicopter. Little did he know, an Apache attack helicopter was about to send him to meet his maker.

Here is the clip:

Funker530 posted: 

During an apparent insertion of troops by a US helicopter, a single Taliban fighter outside of a nearby compound decides to shoot at the hovering and vulnerable aircraft. After briefly trading fire with the helo and dismounts, the circling Apache tracks him as he attempts to retreat. However, the distance the militant puts between himself and friendly forces only benefits the loitering Attack helicopter and its 30mm cannon. Once he is far enough away from the friendly troops, the Apache begins firing burst after burst until the insurgent is thoroughly destroyed.

Needless to say, we won't be hearing from him again. I sure hope he enjoys his virgins! LOL

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