WATCH: Snowflake Protester Triggered When Cop Pushes Balloon out of her Hand

There are some funny videos out there, but this one of the snowflake protester having a balloon pushed out of her hand might be as funny as any of them.

This is just insane. The bad part is she's serious.

She repeatedly hits the officer on top of the head with a balloon. Finally, the officer decides he has had enough and gently pokes it from her hand.

Her reaction is almost unbelievable. You have to check this out:

Snowflake Protester Triggered

The reactions to this are almost as funny as it actually happening.

This guy is right. It doesn't even sound like a human sound.

These people think they can do whatever they want, but as soon as they face any resistance, they lose their minds. I'm sure this girl is running around telling all of her friends how she was a victim of police brutality.

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