Watch Out New York and Chicago: New City May Be Home to America's Favorite Pizza

Detroit is making waves in the pizza scene, stepping up as a strong contender against classic styles like New Haven, Chicago, and New York. With National Pizza Day on February 9, it's the perfect time to dive into the history and appeal of Detroit-style pizza.

This pizza stands out with its square shape and crunchy crust, challenging the New York style's dominance. Originating from Buddy's Pizza, Detroit-style pizza boasts a unique layering and eye-catching presentation, influenced by Sicilian traditions.

The assembly is unconventional: pepperoni lies beneath Wisconsin brick cheese, allowing its rich flavors to seep into the dough. This cheese, crafted in the late 1800s, brings a soft yet sharp taste to the pie, distinguishing it from typical mozzarella or parmesan.

Sauce is artfully added on top, creating a distinct look and taste. This style has won over hearts since its inception nearly 80 years ago, with Buddy's Pizza leading the charge in popularity.

Jeremy Damaske of Pie Sci Pizza notes the crispy edges and soft dough make it a favorite. His Detroit eatery sees hundreds of Detroit-style pizza sales weekly, attracting locals and visitors alike.

Despite its 1940s invention, "Detroit-style" didn't become a household name until the 1980s. A Texas pizzeria owned by Detroit natives helped popularize the term, setting it apart in the pizza industry.

Now, Detroit-style pizza enjoys nationwide recognition, with Emily Daunt of the Michigan Restaurant and Lodging Association highlighting Michigan's significant contribution to the pizza market.

Detroit embraces this culinary fame, launching the "Detroit Pizza Pass" in October 2023 through Visit Detroit. This initiative allows pizza fans to explore and earn rewards, celebrating the city's pizza heritage.

Claude Molinari, president of Visit Detroit, sees this as an opportunity to showcase the city's culinary creativity and invite everyone to enjoy this unique pizza journey.

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