If you think back to over the summer, you may recall the woman who threw paint all over the Black Lives Matter graffiti that was painted on the street in front of Trump Tower in New York City.

Bevelyn Beatty, the woman responsible for the paint, was then arrested for dumping the paint on a "mural".

Her and a friend of hers didn't just do this once, but twice. In fact, just hours after being released from police custody, she and her friends went right back to work and live-streamed themselves doing it once again at similar murals in Harlem and Brooklyn later that evening.

Well, Bevelyn Beatty is in the news once again, but this time, it's definitely not a good thing. While in Washington, D.C., she along with a number of Proud Boys members were assaulted by a group of people who they said was Black Lives Matter. It may have been them or Antifa. Or actually, is there even a difference between the two anymore other than monetary value?

Enrique Tarrio, who is the chairman of the Proud Boys was one of those injured and was slashed with a knife in his stomach. Beatty, however, was actually stabbed in the back.

They weren't looking for trouble. Police confirmed that what happened is that they were walking down the street going the opposite direction of the protests when they came across a man being stabbed and decided to step in to stop them.

“We were helping some guy that was getting stabbed by two black males and one female. Bevelyn got stabbed as well as two Proud Boys and the guy they were attacking. I got slashed, but it’s not serious. We were walking to our cars,” Tarrio explained.

What's more, is that this was caught on video as well.

Currently, no arrests have been made in connection to the attacks.

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