There was a Trump attacker in Reno. Donald Trump had to be rushed off the stage. Now some disturbing news has been found out about this man.

trump attacker in reno

While Trump was being rushed off stage the crowd was screaming, "GUN! GUN!"

The man who was trying to attack Trump was Austyn Crites. This was identified by the Daily Mail. He has also been identified as a Hillary supporter.

trump attacker in reno facebook photo

The photo on Facebook is new. How do we know? In his Facebook photos he is wearing the same clothes he wore to the rally. He also crashed a Trump rally in Florida earlier this year.

The attempted assassin was mentioned on Reddit shows. Also, the attempted assassin in Reno was mentioned in Wikileaks.

So with the evidence the following facts have been put together:

Crites wreaked havoc at a previous Trump rally. He set up his Facebook page very recently. Crites carried a sign trashing Trump to the rally. His actions sparked violence and emotional abuse. Not only that, he was mentioned in Wikileaks and last but not least he is a big-time Hillary supporter. Big shock, the Trump attacker is a Hillary Clinton supporter.

Here is more information further exposing Austyn Crites as a Hillary Clinton goon.

Trump Attacker in Reno

It's disgusting that the Clinton supporters will go to this length to win the election. If they are willing to look past the Hillary Clinton lies, they are willing to do anything.

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