Trump Assassination Attempt Stopped

Over the weekend at a Trump rally in Nevada, a teenager attempted to take a gun away from a police officer.

Ideally, that would have been the end of the story, “Idiot kid tries to take gun from police officer.” Well, unfortunately there is more to it. The kid wanted to kill Trump.

The 19 year old was arrested. The offices claims that Michael Steven Sandford tried to take his gun with full intentions of shooting Donald Trump. Sandford went on, claiming that he drove from California to kill Trump. Still further, the spent the prior day at a shooting range in Las Vegas, practicing so he would be able to take out Trump. While Trump was speaking he was arrested inside the casino.

Trump can be brash or off-putting. But is it really worth spending the rest of your life in prison to do this? This kid is out of his mind.

trump assassination

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