three more clinton foes found dead

The allegations continue to pile up after three more Clinton foes found dead. It appears when the Clintons cannot overcome an enemy they have them disposed. There is even a website detailing the hundreds of suspicious deaths that are tied to the Clintons.

Wouldn't you say it's pretty suspicious that since the Wikileaks email released the emails of the Democratic National Committee, that there have been three mysterious deaths? All three of these people were major problems for the Democratic Party. Many people, including Bernie Sanders supporters most notably, think Hillary could be behind these deaths.

Three More Clinton Foes Found Dead

Seth Rich

three more clinton foes found dead seth rich

Seth Rich was a DNC staffer. He was found dead in the streets in Washington on July 10. He died due to gunshot wounds. At first it was reported as a robbery, but he was not robbed. It has been speculated that he could have been the one who leaked the 20,000 emails to Wikileaks.

Shawn Lucas

three more clinton foes found dead shawn lucas

Shawn Lucas actually went and served the DNC with a fraud complaint. This was done on behalf of Bernie Sanders supporters. He was found laying dead in the bathroom by his girlfriend on August 2. Up until this point he was perfectly healthy. Here is the video of him serving the DNC.

John Ashe

three more clinton foes found dead john ashe

John Ashe was formerly President of the  United Nations General Assembly. He passed away on June 22 just a few days before he was to testify with regards to shady financial dealings he had with a former Clinton associate.

The local police said he died from dropping a barbell on his throat. Talk about shady. Making things even more suspicious, the UN reported he died from a heart attack at first.

Is there any way all of these are a coincidence? That's pretty hard to believe, isn't it? On top of that, Town Hall has a list of many other Clinton associates who have been found mysteriously dead.

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